Handicrafts Of India

Handicrafts Of India

Now-a-days, in our 21st century, we are busy honing or practicing our skills related to Science & Technology, Sports, and Entertainment etc. etc. But amidst this jungle of modern skills we are forgetting or neglecting a very special skill in which India is very rich. That special skill is Handicrafts. In India Handicraft has been practiced from times immemorial. For many people this skill is being transferred from generation to generation. But in contemporary times, this skill is not being recognized much and needs to be promoted.

In India every state has a specialty in Handicrafts. People in Rajasthan excel in Marble and Wooden work. People from the Southern Part of India possess the talent to carve out crafts from Black Marble, Granite and Wood. People from regions in and around Uttar Pradesh take pride for their talent in Embroidery Work and also Metal Work.

It’s our responsibility to promote this skill in front of the whole world so that people from other parts of the world also come to know or appreciate our talent. And also it is very important to promote this skill as this would ensure all these talented people of our country a better lifestyle.

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Vinod Sharma

Vinod Murti Museum